Let's build the future with Imagga API.

Leverage the power of cutting-edge deep learning algorithms for image understanding through an easy-to-use REST API.

Imagga Developers

Getting Started with the Image Tagging

It’s extremely easy to get your first images auto-tagged with Imagga API. Let’s see how.

Getting started with the Image Categorization

Dealing with images mess? Have an incredible idea that needs images categorized? No matter what, let’s see how easy it is to do it with Imagga API.

Getting Started with the Smart-Cropping

Tired of seeing the most important parts of your images cropped. Let’s fix that with Imagga API.

Getting started with the Color Extraction

You want all those beautiful colors searchable or maybe have other idea involving image colors in mind. Let’s see how you can get all kinds of colors extracted with Imagga API.

Need more...


Still not sure why you need cropping from an API, what the auto-tagging can help you with or what kind of sorcery this auto-categorisation is? Lets see.